Stevan Beljic

Computer Science and Finance Student



I am an undergraduate student at the University of Calgary, expecting to graduate in April 2024.

In my final year of dual Computer Science (B.Sc) and Finance (B.Comm) degrees.

Relevant Classes Include:
-Computer Networks (CPSC 441)
-Principles of Operating Systems (CPSC 457)
-Database Management Systems (CPSC 471)
-Human Computer Interaction (CPSC 481)

Other classes:
-Explorations in Privacy and Security (CPSC 329)
-Data Structures and Algorithms (CPSC 331)
-Design and Analysis of Algorithms I (CPSC 413)
-Computing Machinery I & II (CPSC 355 & 359)
-Introduction to Software Engineering (SENG 300)
-Futures and Options (FNCE 445), Capital Budgeting (FNCE 447), Behavioural Finance (FNCE 559)


-Java (High)
-Python (Intermediate)
-C++ (Intermediate)
-C (Intermediate)
-MySQL (Intermediate)
-PHP (Beginner)
-HTML (Beginner)

and as for human languages:
-English (fluent)
-Serbian (fluent)
-French (introductory)

About Me

In my free time I enjoy biking, exercising, playing basketball, and doing little programming projects.

I am passionate about programming and I love learning new technologies and applying them to functional projects.


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